Pensieri su Napoli

Thoughts of Naples

Romance, Drama & Tarantella Napoletana

A Magical Journey To the Divine Music of Naples

Through the Eyes of Israeli Musician Nataly Oryon

Nataly Oryon reveals the beautiful and beloved songs of Naples, presented with great accuracy, a perfect expression of emotions and her unique personal interpretation, in her singing and her owm musical arrangements, which are original and influenced by in various styles.

Nataly is known and appreciated in Italy for her contribution to Neapolitan music. During the past few years Italian newspaper IL MATTINO has published articles about her and thanks her for preserving Neapolitan culture. The Italian media praised Nataly's first single from the album "Pensieri su Napoli", which was published in November 2017 and has been playing since in the radio stations in Naples.

Her recording of the song 'Te voglio bbene assaje' was chosen by PALLINI as a soundtrack for their commercials,


Nataly has also received a special invitation to perform in Sorrento, Italy, by Bruna Chianese, the daughter of "The Voice of Naples"


Sergio Bruni, as part of the launch of the book she wrote about him.

Nataly performs widely throughout the country. Among the events in which she participated were: Concerts for Dante Alighieri associacion in Jerusalem, Concerts in events of the Italian embassy of Israel, including a concert in honor of the incoming Italian ambassador in his presence, performances in theaters and venues throughout the country, and the concert "From Naples to Jerusalem" she produced in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality, the Harel Orchestra and a guest singer from Italy at the Jerusalem Theater as part of the Jerusalem Arts Festival, which was sold out weeks before the event.

The performance can be held in a group of two to nine ensemble members, according to the budget, size of the venue and the nature of the event.


In addition, it is possible to combine musicians and singers from Italy and Israel, and perform in unique formats such as mandolin, string quartet and more.

Articles about Nataly from the Italian press

"A beautiful Neapolitan song was

born in Israel"

Article by Gianni Cesarini about the new single

The article on Gianni's site

 PDF version



"Nataly Oryon, The revival of Neapolitan songs in Jerusalem​"

"sung with extreme credibility and vocalism together - if possible - crystalline and passionate, to the point of making it seem like a seventeenth-century Neapolitan piece and not a piece written today."

article about the single and the new album, in the Italian newspaper IL MATTINO on 8.11.17 

View the article on the newspaper's website

La Serenata di Pulcinella

Songs of the washerwomen - The opening act of the concert

Santa Lucia

Tarantella Napoletana (Instrumental)

Tammurriata Nera


Funiculi Funicula


Te l'ea tenere

First single from the upcoming album.

An original song composed and arranged by Nataly, to the lyrics of Benedetto di Bitonto