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Upcoming concerts: July 29 - Abraham hostel, Jerusalem .  Details


Nataly Oryon, Vocalist and musician (Arranger, composer), Specializes in the various musical genres of the Mediterranean countries, focusing on folk and classic Greek music, and Italian-Neapolitan music.


As a completely self-taught musician, Nataly has developed her own unique vocal technique, combining classical with folk singing styles, putting the emotional expression for each song individually - above all.

Her singing and her musical arrangements style present a perfect meeting point between east and west.


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Interview and article on Italian TV channel RAI due

Article in the Italian magazine 'Napoliflash24'

Digital version


Pensieri su Napoli -

a review at La Repubblica by Paolo Popoli 

Digital version

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Pensieri su Napoli - a review at Il Matino by Federico Vacalebre

digital version

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Nataly's Interview by Host Shimon Parnas 

and live performance as a part of "The Taverna show", Rosh Haain, Israel

Nataly's home video for Canzone Arrabbiata - 

Award winning by Jerusalem muni. and the Pais Cultural org.

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