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"'Te l’ea tènere', sung with extreme credibility and vocalism together - if possible - crystalline and passionate, to the point of making it seem like a seventeenth-century Neapolitan piece and not a piece written today.

Federico Vacalebre, Il Mattino

“Nataly was made of stern musical stuff, throwing herself into her musical love with unrestrained glee and with boundless diligence…”

“…She is deeply immersed in the world of Greek music… There is no doubting her sincerity and honesty.”

“Oryon’s repertoire covers an expansive artistic domain.“

Barry Davis, The Jerusalem Post


"There are very few people in Israel who sing in Greek and are accurate and sound like the real thing, and Nataly is among them. With a soul and a voice... those who don't know that she was not born in Greece, will not always notice it"


Shimon Parnass, Journalist, Greek music specialist

"Nataly Oryon brings to life the songs of Greece's refugees and the stories behind them"


Tal Gordon, 'Bama' magazine

"Nataly's uniqueness in her personal interpretation of Greek music, and in a touching and unique performances and musical arrangements."


Shlomit Toledo, GREEKIT magazine


About Nataly Oryon

After capturing so many hearts around the Mediterranean sea, Nataly Oryon has become the new voice of the Mediterranean - world music.

With an enchanting warm voice that vibrates into the soul, and a hypnotizing presence, Nataly sings for those whose voice could not be heard -  in a perfect combination of emotions and upbeat groove, writing her own arrangements for the ensembles and Orchestras she performs with, adding her unique touch to the complete experience of her concerts.

Singing her heart out on stages in Greece, Italy and Israel, Studying languages and cultures and absorbing influences from various Mediterranean music styles, Nataly creates a new sound that gathers traditional and modern qualities, in a meeting point between east and west.

In her current running show 'Jerusalem of the Balkans' Nataly Travels between Greek, Hebrew, Ladino (Sephardi) and other Mediterranean languages, she uncovers the world of Jewish Thessaloniki (aka Jerusalem of the Balkans), as a most powerful pre-WWII Sephardi Jewish center of commerce and culture, and its affect on Jewish Sephardic and Israeli culture until today.


Born and raised in Jerusalem. As someone who always knew she would dedicate her life to music, Nataly chose at an early age to study music independently – in a self-taught manner, finding her own path through the world of music.

Nataly studied musical styles from around the world, various languages, vocal techniques, composition and musical arrangement, and created a unique language for herself as a creative artist.

Nataly believes that it is her duty as a young artist to preserve traditional music and keep it alive, alongside the creation of new and original music, and applies this statement successfully in her musical arrangements of traditional songs, and in writing original melodies that contain the variety of influences that constitute her musical identity.

As a completely self-taught musician, Nataly has developed her own unique vocal technique, combining classical with folk styles, putting the emotional expression for each song individually - above all. Her singing and her musical arrangements style present a perfect meeting point between east and west.

Nataly's longest cultural love affair with Greek music has taken her a long way, placing her as "the Israeli artist that sings Greek music as authentic as it should be, singing honest emotions and perfect accent, as it is hard to believe she is actually not Greek" (Shimon Parnas, well known  journalist and Greek culture specialist). After so many hours of investing in studying the language, music and History of Greece – The love is reciprocated greatly by audiences in Israel and in Greece, who won't let her get off stage, asking for more and more of her unique voice.

She is also embraced by the Greek community organization of Jerusalem, Making many concerts and projects together.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Nataly has created a homemade music recording and video, Winning awards by 'Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts' and by the Jerusalem culture department. She was also chosen to participate the open air concerts line, having several concerts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, to bring joy into people's hearts at this difficult time.

Notable concerts

Athens tour December 2022 – Performing with well known artist Babis Tsertos and Manolis Pappos ; International Oud Festival 2021 – singing "The forbidden songs of Greece"; Jerusalem Zappa club – special guest of Glykeria ; The Kozani Hellenohpone (Greece) ; Chiostro di San Francesco – Sorrento, Italy ; Jerusalem arts festival – several concerts with guests from Greece and Italy; Israel festival; YMCA Jerusalem  concerts; Tel Aviv oud festival; 'Naples-Jerusalem' with Harel Orchestra; the voice of the Mediterranean sea – with the Israeli Plectrum orchestra; Between east and west – with the Arab-Jewish Orchestra.



Nataly has released two albums so far ; A live album of Greek music in 2020, performed in Tel Aviv, with a special ensemble with woodwinds and strings, that challenged the traditional sound of Greek music.

The second album released in 2021, is a studio album of Neapolitan songs 'Pensieri su Napoli da Gerusalemme', includes interpretations for traditional songs and one original song composed by Nataly.

 Nataly wrote the arrangements and did the mixing work herself for the album.

The album gained a grand success within the Italian media and public, praising and embracing the new sound for Neapolitan songs that was brought to them from overseas.

Nataly had many interviews to the most important regional and national newspapers such as "La Repubblica', several articles in 'Il Mattino', 'Napoli today' and many more. TV article and interview were published on RAI2.


Other activities

Nataly has made significant action to help and promote young and professional musicians in Jerusalem. She was a manager of an independent music center that was connecting individual musicians and forming bands and ensembles, having them perform, record and participate in national music contests,

In 2016 Nataly founded 'The Jerusalem music forum' together with the music department of the Jerusalem municipality, gathering the professional musicians of Jerusalem, giving them the power of a union, many promotion opportunities, subsidized courses, expo concerts and more. Nataly was the head of the forum for two year, until she decided to step down in order to  focus on her own music career full time. The forum is still active and working today.

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