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"'Te l’ea tènere', sung with extreme credibility and vocalism together - if possible - crystalline and passionate, to the point of making it seem like a seventeenth-century Neapolitan piece and not a piece written today.

Federico Vacalebre, Il Mattino


“Nataly was made of stern musical stuff, throwing herself into her musical love with unrestrained glee and with boundless diligence…”

“…She is deeply immersed in the world of Greek music… There is no doubting her sincerity and honesty.”

“Oryon’s repertoire covers an expansive artistic domain.“

Barry Davis, The Jerusalem Post


Nataly Oryon, vocalist and musician from Jerusalem, Specializes in world music, focusing on folk and classical Greek music, and Italian-Neapolitan music.


As a completely self-taught musician, Nataly has developed her own unique vocal technique, combining classical with folk styles, putting the emotional expression for each song individually - above all. Her singing and her musical arrangements style present a perfect meeting point between east and west.


Nataly is successfully performing with a few concert programs, each one dedicated to a certain topic;

The show ‘Jerusalem of the Balkans’ (The name for Thessaloniki by its Jewish residents) – is a concert dedicated to Greek-Jewish music, which in Nataly sings in Greek, Ladino and Hebrew, and it includes also Hebrew songs which Nataly has translated from Hebrew to Greek.

In the show ‘Acropolis’ she presents the various music styles that are a part of the Greek music legacy.

The show ‘Pensieri su Napoli’ Is all about Neapolitan music, from the beginning of documentation in 1250, until modern songs, and original Neapolitan songs that Nataly has composed.

Mondo Musicale’ is another unique, more intimate show, which presents music from all over the world, including Portuguese, South American and even Danish songs!

Nataly is the arranger and musical manager of all her show.


Nataly’s career has begun when she was just 15, as she performed as soloist in her hometown. She was also accepted to the well-known national youth vocal ensemble Ankor, but refused to participate, as since then and still, she preferred to experience and study on her own, growing with music as a part of her, as a final fact that she is going to dedicate her life to it, without any doubts.


In her search for different musical genres, the kinds that have roots, a story behind, a true meaning to every word and note, and treasures a full history in it, Nataly has discovered the treasure of traditional world music, mostly charmed by the Greek 'Rebetiko' genre (Greek 'folk'. 1880-1950).


She then spent 2 years studying the language, again, on her own - insisting on doing it the best possible way, learning the Subtleties of the accent as well as the great history of the pain from which this great music style has grown.


On 2006 Nataly met Yoad Shoshani, musician and guitarist, which is still today, her main musical partner in all of her concerts. The two are also performing as a duo, in a concert called 'Mondo Musicale' (Musical world), which it they present songs of various cultures, genres and languages from around the world.


After a few years of performing with several Greek music groups on national and international venues, Nataly has started working as a solo artist, Creating the Show "100 Years of Greek Music", which tells the story of the last-century 'evolution' of Greek music and culture through the meaningful "high-light" themes (such as composers, singers and genres) which made a significant contribution to it, as well as the story of the Jewish community of Greece. The concert was a success from the beginning and lead to the development of another program – "The Songs of Smyrni", which focuses on the Greek music originated in Izmir (minor Asia, Turkey), distinct by the use of different musical instruments, such as Oud and Kanun.

These concerts was also the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between Nataly and Israeli journalist Yaron Enosh, which was a meaningful partner in the building of the contents, and also tells the stories between the songs at the concert – in his well-known unique, fascinating way.

On March 2017, Nataly has presented the premiere of her new concert 'Acropolis' at the Jerusalem arts festival, in Beit Shmuel auditorium. In the concert, Nataly presents the very best of Greek music, as well as well-known Hebrew songs which she has translated into Greek, accompanied by an ensemble of 7 musicians, which played by her original music arrangements. In the concert was also a guest artist from Greece – singer and bouzouki player Antonis Haralampopoulos.


In time, Nataly has proven to be not only a singer, but also a Concert creator on an international level, and above all – a creative and varied music arranger, as she is successfully preserving the traditional elements of each style, and yet expresses new personal emotions through it, together with a touch of other musical influences which she follows.

In these concerts Nataly presents her own unique interpretations for singing traditional Rebetiko songs, as well as playing oriental percussions (sājāt, Kasik, Tambourine) by her own musical arrangements and conduction, singing in Greek, Hebrew and Ladino (Sepharadic), texts which were written to the Rebetiko compositions by the Jewish residents of Thessaloniki at the beginning of the 20th century.


Due to the great success of her concerts, Nataly has captured the attention of the Media. She was invited to sing and interview in various radio and TV programs, many articles has been written about her, and her recordings are played constantly on national radio stations (Read, watch and listen).


On September 2013 Nataly was invited by well-known Greek singer Glykeria to sing together on stage at the Zappa club in Jerusalem.


In 2011, Nataly was exposed to a new treasure –Italian-Neapolitan songs (Canzoni Napoletane), a discovery followed by another process of self teaching for Italian language and Neapolitan dialect, the perfect pronunciation, as well as exploration of the history and culture of Naples, and to great collaborations and warm relations with the Italian embassy in Israel, Dante Alighieri association, the institute for Italian culture in Israel, family of the singer Sergio Bruni, and many musical artists in Italy.

Nataly is known for her work in Italy; in the past two years she has established a growing audience, an Article at the "IL MATTINO" newspaper, as well as a gratitude for her contribution to the Neapolitan culture. Her recording for the song “Te voglio bbene assaje” was chosen as the soundtrack of the Pallini company video commercials, and she was invited  to perform in Sorrento, by Bruna Chianese, daughter of Sergio Bruni "The voice of Naples”, which is a beloved and inspiring artist in Napoli, and for Nataly herself.


On April 2014, Nataly has initiated the concert “From Napoli to Jerusalem”, which she produced and developed together with the Arts department and the music center of the Jerusalem municipality, which its premier was presented at the Jerusalem arts festival 2014, at the Jerusalem theater.

At the concert Nataly sang Neapolitan songs together with Harel orchestra (about 50 musicians - brass and woodwinds) by the arrangement and conduction of professor Eitan Avitzur, a chamber band (8 musicians) which played Nataly’s own arrangements, and a guest Italian singer Nazareno Bicocchi. The show was very successful, and was sold out weeks in advance.


Nataly has also created the show “Pensieri su Napoli” (thoughts of Naples) which is varied and unique for its repertoire, her artistic arrangements, and the presentations of classical and folk Neapolitan songs in Nataly’s own personal interpretation, aside to her own original Neapolitan songs, which she composed to the lyrics of Dr. Benedetto di-Bitonto.


Nataly has recorded a double album – 'Pensieri su Napoli' (thoughts of Naples), which will be published on December 2017.

The Musicians who were recorded in the album: Yoad Shoshani – Guitar, Raziel Tzur – Mandolin, Yarden Kedar – Clarinet, Alon Leon Hillel – Violin, Michal Drori-Katzir – Flute, Adi Gigi – Double Bass.


Nataly's repertoire is various- and focuses not only on the popular well know Neapolitan songs, but makes the effort of bringing out the great hidden treasures, which goes all the way back to 1200', when the documentation of Neapolitan songs has begun.


Nataly believes it's her duty as a young artist to preserve traditional music, as well as to create new original music, and she well follows that belief with her arrangements for traditional songs, and composing original pieces that include all the influences which she follows.



World Tours and additional Projects:



"Between East and West" –  Singing Arabic and Hebrew songs with the Jewish-Arabic orchestra, by the arrangement and conduction of Professor Taiseer Elias.

The concert was performed at Gerard Behar theater as a part of the Jerusalem Arts Festival.


Sorrento, Italy A concert at the presentation of the book “Mio Padre Sergio Bruni, la voce di Napoli” written by Bruna Chianese, of her father, Sergio bruni. With – Ezequiel Jait (arrangements, guitar), Luigi Della Notte (Violin, Mandolin), Alessandro pignalosa (Mandolin). The concert took place at the Chiostro di San Francesco, attracted a large audience of locals and tourists.


"A voice of a woman"  – Singing the songs of Mercedes Sosa as a part of a tribute to the great famous female vocalists around the world.

The concert was performed at the Jerusalem theater as a part of the Jerusalem Arts Festival.


a concert in 'Safra Square', Jerusalem with Ensemble Perach Adom hosting Greek musicians: Sofia Papazoglou (vocals), Nikos Tatasopoulos (Bouzouki) and Dasho Kurti (Accordion), and Israeli Bouzouki master

Haim Romano.


Greece tour - 'Hellinophon' festival, in Kozani; Jewish community centers in Thessaloniki and Athens; 'Prigipessa' Rebetiko club in Thessaloniki ;'Vinilion' club in Athens.


Athens, Greece - "Taksimi" Rebetiko club; "Klimateria" Rebetiko Club, with Israeli and local Greek Rebetiko musicians.


Berlin, Germany - courage club Berlin; 'End of the summer fest', with Yoad Shoshani (as Unyson duet) singing world music traditional songs in Hebrew, English, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


Cyprus - Several concerts in Larnaca and Ayia Napa, with George Mavroudis - bouzouki player from Nicosia.