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Nataly Sings Napoli

Nataly has established a repertoire that covers hundreds of years, and goes back to the very first documented Neapolitan songs, which she presents with an artistic, unique personal interpretation as a singer and as a musical arranger.


Nataly is known for her work in Italy; during the past two years alone she has established a growing audience, an Article at the "IL MATTINO" newspaper, as well as a gratitude for her contribution to the Neapolitan culture. Her interpretation of the song "Te voglio bbene assaje" was chosen by the Italian company 'Pallini' as the soundtrack of their current campaign. Nataly has also got a royal invitation to perform in Sorrento, by the family of Sergio Bruni "The voice of Naples".


Nataly performs many concerts all around Israel, which in she brings the most beautiful songs of Naples to the Israeli audience. Among the concerts are: a concert in honor of the Ambassador of Italy for entering the position, concerts in Suzanne Dellal theater, Felicia Blumental theater, as well as a concert in the events of the 'Campania Region week' of Dante Alighieri Society in Jerusalem. 


These days, Nataly and her collaborators are recording an album with the title of the show, which will be published soon.



Yoad Shoshani – Guitar

Yarden Kedar - Clarinet

Alon Leon Hillel - Violin

Raziel Tzur – Mandolin

Michal Drori-Katzir - Flute


Recordings from the album

16.1.15 - Live performance on 101Fm

Jerusalem radio.

28.11.14 - Live performance on 88Fm

Israel National radio.

Videos from the concert at the Felicia Blumental theater,

Tel-Aviv, October 2nd 2014

Jerusalem theater

April 3rd, 2014

Nataly's concert in Sorrento, Italy

at the book presentation "Mio padre Sergio Bruni, la voce di Napoli" by Bruna Chianese 

Photo Gallery

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