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The concert "The Songs of Smyrni" is dedicated to the special Greek music genre called 'Smyrneika', originated in Izmir (minor Asia, Turkey), distinct by the use of different musical instruments, such as Oud and Kanun. 


Nataly has created the concert, as she presents her own unique interpretations,  Next to the facsinating story-telling of Yaron Enos,  which at the concert, tells the stories behind the songs, Nataly also plays oriental percussions (sājāt, Kasik, Tambourine) by her own musical arrangements and conduction, singing in Greek, Turkish, Hebrew and Ladino (Sepharadic).


The premier occured at the Tel-Aviv oud festival, at the 'Tzavta' theater, where Nataly hosted Greek singer Thanos Tzanis (Israeli management by Bracha Cohen).

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