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The concert "100 Years of Greek Music" tells the story of the last-century 'evolution' of Greek music and culture through the meaningful "high-light" themes (such as composers, singers and genres) which made a significant contribution to it, as well as the story of the Jewish community of Greece.


Nataly has created the concert with the great counsolation Yaron Enos, well-known Israeli journalist which at the concert, tells the stories behind the songs , as she presents her own unique interpretations for singing traditional Rebetiko songs, as well as playing oriental percussions (sājāt, Kasik, Tambourine) by her own musical arrangements and conduction.


Nataly sings Greek, Hebrew and Ladino (Sepharadic), texts which were written to the Rebetiko compositions by the Jewish residents of Thessaloniki at the beginning of the 20th century.


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100 Years of Greek Music - the Concerts Series


In addition to the primary concert '100 years of Greek Music', Nataly has developed a series of concerts under that title, in which every concert focuses and explores a certain meaningful theme or genre that was a significant part of the Greek music's developement at the past century.


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Nataly's 1st concert in Athens



Nataly Oryon & Glykeria

Zappa, Jerusalem 26/09/13

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